How does Aromatherapy Diffuser Gain Popularity in the USA?

How does Aromatherapy Diffuser Gain Popularity in the USA?

29/10/2021 Off By Erma

Aromatherapy got its name from the word aroma and therapy. Aroma simply means smell or fragrance, while therapy means treatment. Therefore, aromatherapy uses essential oils to treat various conditions like cardiovascular disorders, skin-related problems, digestion problems, insomnia, anxiety, and wounds. Increased awareness of the benefits of aromatherapy has driven its popularity and the emergence of several brands in US. Consumers can check about Get My Moods products to see diffusers that can restore good moods. Furthermore, favorable laws and regulations for essential oil farming have triggered the market growth of aromatherapy, thus increasing its popularity.

Women are the primary target audience in the market of aromatherapy. However, there is significant growth among millennials because people opt for natural therapies instead of synthetic drugs. The rising rate of anxiety, stress, and depression has also contributed significantly to the demand for various relief and relaxation therapies. When inhaled, the scent molecules in the essential oils are transmitted through olfactory nerves to the brain and impact the brain’s emotional center called the amygdala. Essential oils can also be applied and absorbed through the skin and are typically used by massage therapists to help relax tissues during the rubdown.

Safe Ways Of Using Aromatherapy Diffuser

The quality of essential oils in the market varies. Some are pure, but others are diluted with expensive ingredients. Due to a lack of sufficient regulations, the label on the bottle may not list all the ingredients. Diffusion in public or a room with several people is not recommended because aromatherapy diffusers react differently; thus, consumers should know how to safely use essential oil diffusers. For instance, peppermint is good for headaches, but if used around a child under three years old, the child can become agitated and negatively affect the child. Moreover, someone with a fast heartbeat can also be affected negatively by peppermint. The following ways are safe to use essential oils:

  • Body oil- You can mix the essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, or olive oil and use it. In this way, you avoid irritation because essential oils are concentrated.
  • Aromatherapy accessories– keychains, bracelets, and necklaces made with absorbent materials can be used to apply essential oils and sniff throughout the day.
  • Aroma stick is an essential oil inhaler and refers to plastic sticks with an absorbent wick that soaks up the essential oil. They have a cover that wraps the scent until you are ready to inhale.

Aromatherapy is classified into the following categories;

  • Medical aromatherapy– essential oils can be used to massage patients during surgical operations, thus utilizing medical aromatherapy knowledge to promote and treat clinically diagnosed diseases.
  • Olfactory aromatherapy inhales essential oils to enhance emotional wellness, relaxation, calmness, or rejuvenation of the body. The release of stress is facilitated by pleasurable scents, which remove odor memories.
  • Massage aromatherapy has a wonderful effect when jojoba, almond, and grape seed oil is applied during body massage. This can as well be termed as a healing touch of massage therapy.
  • Psycho-aromatherapy– During certain stages of psycho-aromatherapy, some states of moods and emotions can only be achieved by essential oils, thus giving the pleasure of invigoration, relaxation, or a pleasant memory. The inhalation of oils in this type of therapy is done through the infusion in a patient’s room.


Popular essential oils with solid antibacterial properties include lemongrass, basil, tea-tress, lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender, among others that help boost body immunity which has impacted the aromatherapy diffuser market. Furthermore, there is market expansion potential due to the desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the numerous health benefits of essential oils are expected to drive the popularity of aromatherapy diffusers.

Furthermore, with the expansion of the aromatherapy industry, consumers are looking for natural fragrances due to increased health consciousness and side effects like allergies. In addition, direct inhalation of essential oil can lead to adverse effects such as rashes and allergies. Therefore, aromatherapy diffusers are one of the safest techniques when consuming essential oils, which might boost the future market of diffusers.

Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers might soon dominate the overall market because they retain therapeutic properties and create a pleasing atmosphere. Aromatherapy is gaining prominent popularity, and the market size of essential oils has increased, particularly among the urban population, because of the market’s changing lifestyles and media influence. Increased innovation in the extraction technique of essential oils has also contributed to the popularity of aromatherapy diffusers.

In conclusion, aromatherapy has gained prominence as one of the sure ways of enhancing consumers’ moods and health. Due to hectic schedules, people want to feel the spa at home. Thus, boosting the market and popularity of aromatherapy diffusers. It is advisable to choose suitable diffusers and use them correctly to be safe for you and others.